About Me & My Staff

Meet the PersonallyByPat Management Team 


President, CEO, and CFO  ~  Miss Pat:    Miss Pat has always had a special interest in home decorating and furnishing with flair.  She also loves shopping and has combined these two passions in her work operating PersonallyByPat online boutiques, offering high quality linens, home decor items, and more.  Her own Unique Creations handcrafted items -- gourmet aprons, tea cozies, pinwheel quilted baby comforters, earrings, and bracelets -- are occasional specialties.  Visit PersonallyByPat boutiques on,, and and browse by department to find wonderful items for you and your home.  PersonallyByPat is proud to offer high quality items with top quality service.  

Director of Marketing  ~  Mr. Backpack Bunny.  
  Mr. Backpack Bunny (with the red cap) is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts and has traveled extensively.  He is the Director of Marketing for PersonallyByPat and adds his own personal touch to marketing PersonallyByPat's inventory.

Director of Purchasing  ~  Mr. Cinnamon Bear.  With a background in retail in Springfield, Missouri, Mr. Cinnamon Bear (in red and navy stripes) is Director of Purchasing for PersonallyByPat.  He takes a paws-on approach to the purchase of items offered for sale by PersonallyByPat.  He also acts as a photo model, along with his sister, Miss Cinnamon Bear.

Model  ~  Miss Cinnamon Bear.   Miss Cinnamon Bear is the twin sister of Mr. Cinnamon Bear.  She graciously offers her modeling services whenever called upon.

Director of Customer Relations  ~  Mr. Gray Bunny.  Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mr. Gray Bunny (in the black bow tie) joined Miss Pat in 1976.  His gray hair attests to his many years of experience and wisdom -- a perfect choice for this customer relations post.

Intern  ~  Sebastian Bear.  Little Sebastian is just an intern, working hard to learn all he can. 


Break Time

Mr. Gray Bunny takes a break from working to read one of his favorite books,
about a rabbit, of course -- the famous Uncle Wiggily!
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My Favorite Web Sites Home Page
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Lincoln Rally-Speech Re-enactment Photos
Re-enactment Video

History of Edward Darold Henson's
World War II Service

Over 3,000 pages of history and memoir about Lincoln, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln,
and Route 66.  Written and developed by Professor D. Leigh Henson, Ph.D.
Awarded "Best Web Site of the Year" in 2004 by the Illinois State Historical Society.


Abraham Lincoln 1858 Rally-Speech
Re-enactment play written by my husband, Leigh Henson, Professor Emeritus,
Missouri State University. Re-enactment of Abe's speech and rally in Lincoln, IL, on October 16, 1858. Put on by town officials on October 16, 2008.

In honor of Edward Darold Henson,
 9/17/1918 - 11/22/2008,
 and his World War II Service.

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My Favorite Photos

My husband and I at the Abe Lincoln
1858 Political Rally-Speech Re-enactment,
Lincoln, IL, October 16, 2008.
Leigh wrote the play which the Lincoln town officials used to put on the event. All I did was make my own costume!

Links to a photo album and a video film
of the event
are above under My Favorite Web Sites.

    My husband showing off on his water ski on his 65th birthday.

The Old Man and the Ski
(with homage to Ernest Hemingway)