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Welcome! This is the home page for PersonallyByPat Boutiques, which offer high-quality, hard-to-find items for you and your home with great customer service and speedy shipping! Bed and bath linens, tableware, kitchen items, home decor, ladies' accessories, and more! Use the links above to shop my PersonallyByPat boutiques on Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, and eCrater.  Be sure to visit PersonallyByPat on Facebook, too!

Here on my home page I post photos and write about my recent decorating activities and about exciting new items I am offering for sale.  Hope you'll join me often!

PersonallyByPat is also now selling on Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, eCrater, and Craigslist!

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Set of 6 pale green glass seashell and seahorse pattern goblets! Like new! Just $10 on Craigslist in Springfield, MO.  See it here:



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From my own pottery collection, this is a large and heavy pottery pitcher from Yesteryear's Pottery in Marshall, TX. It stands 8 1/2 inches tall and is about 8 inches wide, including handle. The fruit design on the front is signed at the bottom. This pitcher is available through Craigslist in Springfield, MO.  See it here:


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From Ralph Lauren this is a bright and perky king-size polka dot sheet set with chartreuse lime green dots on a white background.


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From Royal Cauldon, England, Est. 1774, this is a beautiful vintage 9 3/4-inch plate, made in England in the Glastonbury Abbey pattern in brown on creamy ivory.  The plate is in excellent vintage condition with no cracks, chips, or crazing.  On the back side in the flat center area near the base rim there are what appear to be the numbers 4 8 2 impressed into the porcelain.  They are very hard to read.  This is one of 4 plates in this Royal Cauldon collection that I have for sale. 

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On the February calendar we mark Presidents' Day, George Washington's birthday, and Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  Actually, four US presidents had February birthdays:  George Washington (first US president), February 22, 1732; William Henry Harrison (9th US president), February 9, 1773; Abraham Lincoln (16th US president), February 12, 1809; and Ronald Reagan (40th US president), February 6, 1911. 

For a unique look at the only town named for and by Abraham Lincoln and how it has used its Lincoln heritage, get Professor D. Leigh Henson's book, "The Town Abraham Lincoln Warned: The Living Namesake Heritage of Lincoln, Illinois." 

Visit the author's website to read more about the book, view the accolades it has received, and find ordering details.  http://findinglincolnillinois.com/townabewarned.html

Or visit any of my PersonallyByPat online boutiques to purchase the book.

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Royal Cauldon Thames Boat House Plate, 9 3/4"
Beautiful vintage china from England!

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From J.G. Meakin in England, Vintage Sugar & Creamer
in the lovely Sterling Colonial Renaissance pattern in black and white.
Just lovely!
Visit PersonallyByPat's China/Pottery/Glassware department.

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From Italy, Mirabello Fine Linens
makes this gorgeous cotton tablecloth in the Augergine pattern
with eggplants  artichokes and onions!
~ 63 x 102 Oblong ~
Visit PersonallyByPat's table linens department.


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Easter Table

The French country boy enjoyed finding so many colorful eggs with his dog and rabbit friends!


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Button Heart in a Frame

This button heart under glass in a frame was an easy craft project for the Valentine's season, but the "love" message is nice all year 'round!


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Fall Table Centerpiece

Mid-September feels like the right time to put a new fall centerpiece on the dining room table.  We are finally into cooler weather here, but Halloween is still a month and a half away.   Too soon for a jack o' lantern on the table!  A garland of leaves in turning colors, some imitation fruits and vegetables, a lovely vintage English brown transferware bowl, some cute bird votive candles in pinecone candle holders, and a golden leafy table runner will do nicely! 

Click here to see more of this post


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Now available,  Professor D. Leigh Henson's book, The Town Abraham Lincoln Warned:  The Living Namesake Heritage of Lincoln, Illinois, recipient of an award for superior achievement from the Illinois State Historical Society, is available in my PersonallyByPat boutiques and on the author's Web site.